How to Start Your Dream Practice eBook Cover

Start Your Dream Practice on the Side: 12 Steps to Your Bare Minimum Launch

by: Sarah King, PT, DPT

Wondering how you can get your Dream Practice off the ground without quitting your job or putting a dent in your savings? You're in the right plce.

This 12-step guidebook walks you through how to set up the bare minimum requirements to successfully launch your Dream Practice on the side.

This book contains strategies some of the most successful cash-based therapists have used to launch their Dream Practice, and you can use it too.

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Do you have an idea about the Dream Practice you'd like to start? 

Are you ready to get serious about turning that dream into a reality, but overwhelmed by a never-ending to-do list? 

Does it seem like there's so much to do (and $$$ to raise!) before you can pull the trigger and go all-in?


Originally my Dream Practice was a giant Wellness Center where therapists, nutritionists, trainers, and physicians lived under one wonderful roof. As I started out scheeming and planning, I started to realize how much of an undertaking it would be to get it off the ground. 

I was passionate about my idea, but felt crushed by the overwhelm of the lack of my business and administrative know-how and by the gigantic financial committment. My Dream Practice started to seem like a far-fetched fantasy and slowly stagnated until it was just an idea that floated around occasionally in my mind.

(Sound familiar?)

Then I had a revalation: I didn't have to know it all to get started. All I needed to know was the bare minimum to safely test-drive my Dream Practice idea. 


I saught out learning the bare-bones basics of getting a cash-based physical therapy practice up and running. 

My goal: To launch my practice with the least amount of cash and overhead as possible, while still covering my tail, protecting my licence, and ensuring the safety of my clients.



I realized a lot of the successful pioneers of cash-based physical therapy followed similar low-tech, minimal investment techniques when they launched their practice, and I boiled them down into 12 basic steps. Immediately I followed in their footsteps and launched my practice, Invigorate PT & Wellness, in a similar style. 

It took off and I was able to leave my full-time job within a year. The best part? I was able to launch my practice for less than $3,500. 


If you haven't yet pulled the trigger on making your Dream Practice a reality, is it because... 

 ... you're afraid of investing time and savings on an idea you don't know will work?

 ... you don't want to risk leaving your comfy 9-5 (despite how much you hate it) because it's safer than the unknown world of private practice?

 ... you can't afford an office space to see your clients?

 ... you're too busy working and raising a family to figure out exactly what you need to get started? 

 ... you don't feel you know enough to dive all-in?

 .... (Insert your favorite, most well-versed excuse here).. 

Listen. There's no shame in playing it safe and wanting to make sure you have your bases covered before you embark on an endeavor as serious as starting your own business. 


... at some point you have to start moving forward

What's Included in this 17-page eBook...

How to Start Your Dream Practice eBook Cover
  • 12 low-tech, minimal-investment Steps that will take you from Idea to Your 1st Dream Practice Patient
  • Insight into what start-up tasks are OK to DIY, and which require assistance
  • Tips for chosing an Attorney
  • What business details you'll need to track (and how to track them)
  • The low-down on Liability Insurance
  • Ultimate guidance on setting up your Website (for a fraction of the time, effort, and cost)
  • Choosing: Documentation, Faxes, & Phone
  •  15 things I would have done differently with my Website, Finances, and Marketing


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"I’ve consulted many therapists over the years who want to start their own cash practice but seem frozen by the perceived mountain of things that need to happen in order to get started. This book is perfect for those wondering how to get started without being overwhelmed. It’s a quick read that is jam-packed with incredibly useful material for starting a mobile cash-pay practice." 

~Dr. Jarod Carter, PT, DPT - Founder of Carter Physiotherapy (Austin, Texas) and Creator of The Cash-Based Practice Podcast

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Jennifer Anderson, PT Headshot

"This eBook is an absolute must-have for someone who wants to launch a physical therapy practice. It covers all of the essential (but easy to miss) steps of creating a business in an easy-to-read format. The thought of starting your own business can seem extremely daunting, but Sarah breaks it down into manageable, highly effective steps. I strongly recommend this eBook to anyone interested in creating a physical therapy practice of any shape or size!" 

~Dr. Jennifer Anderson, PT, DPT, NCS, CSRS - Founder of Root Physical Therapy (Scottsdale, Arizona)

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A Word From The Author

“Making the decision to become a private pratice owner was terrifying and, looking back, it really didn't need to be. These 12 steps eased me into my Dream Practice and were exactly what I needed to confidently dip my toe in and test the waters. Now I wake up every day excited about the possibilities of my practice and future, and I love knowing that these same steps can help others achieve their dreams as well. 

While there are many other nuances that are eventually layered on to starting your own private practice, I realized I didn't have to have all my ducks perfectly in a row before I went out on my own. I learned many valueable lessons when I launched my practice and hopefully sharing my experience can help you avoid some of the frustrations and save you some time as you try and make your Dream a reality." 

~Sarah King, PT, DPT 

Founder of Invigorate Physical Therapy and Wellness - Austin, Texas


Your Dream Practice can be more than just an idea, and it deserves a fair shake. You can use How to Start Your Dream Practice on the Side: 12 Steps to Your Bare Minimum Launch to test-run your private practice for a fraction of the cost, risk, and frustration.

How to Start Your Dream Practice eBook Cover


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